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Translation of suit in Spanish

to suit     acomodar    ; convenir    ; sentar    
the suit      el traje     

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Sample sentences:
He had to wear a latex suit to dive into the sea.

Tuvo que ponerse un traje de látex para sumergirse en el mar.
Suits seem to be the yuppies' uniforms. Los trajes parecen ser los uniformes de los yuppies.
His is a cheap suit and it shows. El suyo es un traje barato y se nota.
jogging suit el chándal(1)

I am Spanish Teacher. I graduated last year, in August. I studied mostly in Germany. I have been working for nine months as a teacher in many language schools but soon I will be a student again.
In the autumn of 2006 we flew to South East Asia in order to travel in the region for three weeks. Our first stop was Bangkok airport, where we arrived in the middle of the night, around 4a.m.
Well, being the first time in South America, especially Peru, gives you a little shock in the first few hours. Already at the airport everybody wants something ($$$) from you
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of suit   [ suited, suited ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of acomodar
acomodo  acomodas  acomoda  acomodamos  acomodáis  acomodan  acomodaba  acomodabas  acomodaba  acomodábamos  acomodabais  acomodaban  acomodé  acomodaste  acomodó  acomodamos  acomodasteis  acomodaron  acomodaré  acomodarás  acomodará  acomodaremos  acomodaréis  acomodarán 
Conjugation of sentar
siento  sientas  sienta  sentamos  sentáis  sientan  sentaba  sentabas  sentaba  sentábamos  sentabais  sentaban  senté  sentaste  sentó  sentamos  sentasteis  sentaron  sentaré  sentarás  sentará  sentaremos  sentaréis  sentarán