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Translation of surrogate in Spanish

to surrogate     sustituir    
the surrogate     el sustituto    

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That was really cool. I flew from Koppenhagen to Thailand and did not know until take off where I wanted to go from Bangkok. We left Germany after midnight. I was really excited to go to a new place.
I have began to learn English. I like to swim and to dive, because I lived near the beach while I lived in Miami. It is not similar to any other sport. But this week have not been yet to the pool.
I speak a little English. I would be happy to teach you German as well. May I can introduce myself? My name is Jürgen and I live in Dusseldorf. 25 years ago I was born in Mannheim, Germany.
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Conjugation of sustituir
sustituyo  sustituyes  sustituye  sustituimos  sustituís  sustituyen  sustituía  sustituías  sustituía  sustituíamos  sustituíais  sustituían  sustituí  sustituiste  sustituyó  sustituimos  sustituisteis  sustituyeron  sustituiré  sustituirás  sustituirá  sustituiremos  sustituiréis  sustituirán