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Translation of switch off in Spanish

to switch off      apagar     

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to switch off apagar

My family is doing well except for my youngest daughter. She is a little ill and needs to visit many doctors. She has had several infections lately, but nothing dangerous, so we are not too worried.
Try to speak and think in English every time. I have just returned from Europe where I spent a month on holiday. My wife Susan and I went to Barcelona, Madrid and Paris, where we saw lots of beautiful things.
From there you also had a good view of the famous Llao Llao Hotel. We took some photos, drank a coffee and ate a cake, before descending with the lift. On the way back to Bariloche we stopped at a few spots.
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Conjugation of apagar
apago  apagas  apaga  apagamos  apagáis  apagan  apagaba  apagabas  apagaba  apagábamos  apagabais  apagaban  apagué  apagaste  apagó  apagamos  apagasteis  apagaron  apagaré  apagarás  apagará  apagaremos  apagaréis  apagarán