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Translation of take a picture in Spanish

to take a picture      fotografiar     

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We entered the club which started to fill up around mid-night. The atmosphere was great and many handsome men and beautiful women were dancing on the different floors of the club. We were upstairs.
I want to learn German, Please assist me! my name is Ina from Peru, i know English and Spanish too. What do you want to learn here? I do not have skype if you want to chat. Hasta luego mi amigo.
The American girls came with T-shirt and sandals, not exactly the right equipment for a trip 5000 meter over sea level and minus 10 degrees outside temperature during the day. Anyway, the landscape was fantastic.
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Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of fotografiar
fotografío  fotografías  fotografía  fotografiamos  fotografiáis  fotografían  fotografiaba  fotografiabas  fotografiaba  fotografiábamos  fotografiabais  fotografiaban  fotografié  fotografiaste  fotografió  fotografiamos  fotografiasteis  fotografiaron  fotografiaré  fotografiarás  fotografiará  fotografiaremos  fotografiaréis  fotografiarán