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Translation of tangle in Spanish

to tangle     enmarañar    ; enredar    
the tangle     la maraña    

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Sample sentences:
The cat tangled the wool you were knitting.

El gato enredó la lana que estabas tejiendo.
tangle (hair); mess enredo
the tangle la marana

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Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of enredar
enredo  enredas  enreda  enredamos  enredáis  enredan  enredaba  enredabas  enredaba  enredábamos  enredabais  enredaban  enredé  enredaste  enredó  enredamos  enredasteis  enredaron  enredaré  enredarás  enredará  enredaremos  enredaréis  enredarán