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Translation of theirs in Spanish

theirs     su    ; suya    ; el suyo    

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Sample sentences:
Ancient Romans called all peoples with cultures different from theirs 'barbarians'.

Los antiguos romanos llamaban bárbaros a todos los pueblos con una cultura diferente a la suya.

How long have you being teaching Russian and why do you want to learn Spanish? Since when do you learn it? Are you traveling often and if you do in which countries? Are you from Moscow or St. Petersburg?
It certainly is one of the reasons that a student from abroad is not as good in English as people who were born in America. This is an obstacle for all students and a challenge for the educational system.
Hi there again. I would love to visit you very much. I will keep that in mind for our next vacation... Your English is very good and I can't imaging that you have just learned it for two years.
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