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Translation of themselves in Spanish

themselves     ellos mismos

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Sample sentences:
Cats lick themselves to get clean.

Los gatos se lamen para limpiarse.
The flounders camouflage themselves with the sand at the bottom of the sea. Las platijas se camuflan con la arena en el fondo del mar.
People traveled in caravans to protect themselves from bandits. La gente viajaba en caravanas para protegerse de los bandidos.

How long have you being teaching Russian and why do you want to learn Spanish? Since when do you learn it? Are you traveling often and if you do in which countries? Are you from Moscow or St. Petersburg?
Now I'm drinking a beer with a colleague. We will shoot a film about the bar scene and the situation of young people here in Ibiza. There are also other aspects to live here, besides tourism.
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