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Translation of Trick in Spanish

to trick     engañar    
the trick     la mentira    
the Trick     el truco    

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Sample sentences:
Phil has learned new magic tricks.

Phil aprendió nuevos trucos mágicos.
to play a trick hacer una travesura
the trick la treta
trick embuste
trick truco

As it was the primary attraction for all tourist we were "escorted" by a few thousand other visitors. Our guide Samuel informed us about the ancient history of this special place.
how are you? Where do you live in Austria? I hope your Spanish is good enough that you understand my sentences! If you can't understand it i will write this in English. I live in Munich, btw.
There was no one on the street and we did not feel to comfortable. The first hotel we entered, was build from clay. We saw an elderly English couple just leaving their room. We went to the reception.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of trick   [ tricked, tricked ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of engañar
engaño  engañas  engaña  engañamos  engañáis  engañan  engañaba  engañabas  engañaba  engañábamos  engañabais  engañaban  engañé  engañaste  engañó  engañamos  engañasteis  engañaron  engañaré  engañarás  engañará  engañaremos  engañaréis  engañarán