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Translation of trouble in Spanish

the trouble     la molestia    ; la pesadumbre    

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Sample sentences:
She found relief for her troubles by confessing to the priest.

Confesarse con el cura le dio alivio a sus penas.
The coast guard saw the flare of the boat in trouble. La guardia costera vio la bengala de la embarcación en problemas.
He had trouble getting rid of the bee sting because it had penetrated deeply into his skin. Le costó librarse del aguijón de la abeja pues había penetrado profundamente en su piel.

The problem with that room however was, that it was situated right opposite of a construction site and the noise was unbearable. Once again we asked to move and got a new room, this time with no windows.
Due to jet lag (for us it was 10p.m.) we could not sleep, so we stayed at the airport until the morning where we had to take a flight around 8a.m. The destination was Siem Reap in Cambodia.
At noon we continued to the Altiplano to visit some lakes and volcanoes. At 4000 meter above see level it became suddenly extremely cold and our heads started to spin. Altitude sickness?
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