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Translation of uncle in Spanish

the uncle      el tío     

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Sample sentences:
Johnny's uncle gave him a big teddy bear for his birthday.

El tío de Johnny le regaló un gran oso de juguete para su cumpleaños.
His uncle initiated him in sex in a brothel when he was just fourteen. Su tío le inició en el sexo en un burdel cuando tenía sólo catorce años.
the aunt and uncle los tíos
uncle/aunt tío/tía
your uncle tu tío
uncle el tio

He did not understand what we meant, as he claimed that our team won 2-1. It was then that I found out that I had missed a goal when I was in the bathroom and my wife forgot to tell me about it.
Why do you wanna learn to speak Portuguese, it's a very difficult language? I don't know many people who can speak well, except Portuguese and Brazilians of course. I love the sound of it.
The road was a really horrible, but the lakes and the surrounding woods were colorful and impressive. We drove for two hours through the forest towards San Martin de los Andes, but decided to turn back before it got dark.
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