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Translation of unconscious in Spanish

unconscious     inconsciente    

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Sample sentences:
She fainted and was unconscious for 20 minutes.

Se desmayó y estuvo inconsciente durante 20 minutos.
The victim was found unconscious in an alley downtown. La víctima fue encontrada inconsciente en un callejón del centro.

The guy at the reception was pretty friendly and gave me keys of the hotel's suites. The first suite was again without windows. I returned and asked for the same with windows. He gave me other keys.
I took her down to the bathroom, and her pants and shoes were full of vomit. We were sure that it was not alcohol, but that there was something wrong with the food we had at this "nice" restaurant.
There was an extra seat available (the last one apparently). We were so glad. 45 minutes later we sat in the place, eighty percent of the plane was empty. They really need to update their system.
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