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Translation of understandable in Spanish

understandable     comprensible    

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Sample sentences:
It's understandable that you help your wife now that your son has been born.

Es comprensible que ayude a su esposa ahora que nació su hijo.
His despair at his wife's terminal illness is understandable. La desesperación de él ante la enfermedad terminal de su esposa es comprensible.

OK, I've understood the overall picture. I'm a little doubtful about how to detect the copyright issues, but I guess it's better to talk again after I received the first excel sheet. It is alright, I am seeing it as an extra measure.
How is the weather in Hamburg? We have 15 degrees and some sunshine here in the south. I have some remarks on your mail. If you write again and if you wish, I can correct your spelling mistakes.
Sure we can do that. What will you be doing there? Spanish lessons? I am simply trying to understand. I will translate the text into Spanish. Many greetings and I would love to see you soon.
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