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Translation of unforgivable in Spanish

unforgivable     imperdonable    

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Sample sentences:
What she did to me is unforgivable, and I won't speak to her ever again in my life.

Lo que ella me hizo es imperdonable, y no le voy a hablar nunca más en mi vida.

The guy at the reception was pretty friendly and gave me keys of the hotel's suites. The first suite was again without windows. I returned and asked for the same with windows. He gave me other keys.
We arrived at the hotel which we booked in advance but decided not to stay there. Instead the driver convinced us to stay at the Borei Angkor Hotel. We were sure that he would get a sales commission.
We took a very relaxing breakfast and made laundry - by the way the cloths dried within 30 minutes as the humidity was as low as 10% or so and the sun extremely strong at this altitude.
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