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Translation of unsure in Spanish

unsure     inseguro    

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Sample sentences:
I am unsure whether to start with the project now or to wait a bit more.

No estoy seguro si iniciar el proyecto ahora o esperar un poco más.

OK, I've understood the overall picture. I'm a little doubtful about how to detect the copyright issues, but I guess it's better to talk again after I received the first excel sheet. It is alright, I am seeing it as an extra measure.
I was born in 1967 in Zurich, Switzerland. It is a small city, but not as small as Basel or Geneva. I grew up in a suburb of Zurich. When I was 12, I moved with my parents to Spain.
Mike hello! The sleeping bag for May is on its way! Should be there on Tuesday. Shipping to the U.S. would take 2 weeks ... If it does not work, it does not matter anyway. I do not care about anything.
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