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Translation of unworthy in Spanish

unworthy     indigno    

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Sample sentences:
He is unworthy of his position.

Es indigno de su cargo.

OK, I've understood the overall picture. I'm a little doubtful about how to detect the copyright issues, but I guess it's better to talk again after I received the first excel sheet. It is alright, I am seeing it as an extra measure.
I have three children, Michelle, Cathy and Joe. Unfortunately, my parents do not live in the area. I am glad that they visit every 2 weeks, although they are already over 70 years old.
The first 2 are available for 400 euros. The 2 additional tickets I am offering for 600 euros each. That is: For 2 tickets, it would be 800. For 4 tickets it would be 2000 Euro in total.
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