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Translation of very in Spanish

very      muy     

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Sample sentences:
Anthrax is a very serious disease.

El ántrax es una enfermedad grave.
This bagel is not very tasty. Este béiguel no está rico.
The borderline between Canada and the USA is very long. La frontera entre Canadá y los Estados Unidos de América es muy larga.
very fluently, easily con mucho soltura
It's very cold. Hace muy frío(1)
not very deep; shallow poco profundo
Very well, thanks. Muy bien, gracias.
It's very noisy. Hay mucho ruido.
It's very hot. Hace mucho calor.
Not very well. No muy bien.
very mucho; muy
very más

I am trying to learn Spanish because Spanish is becoming more and more important in the USA because of immigrants. Especially here in Texas. I used to live in Nevada for many years. Boring place, gotta tell ya.
Why are you looking for a new job? I hope you get the job! i do know what you are writing and understand you fine. Do not worry. In order to learn you need to make also some mistakes at the beginning.
The next morning she felt much better and we decided to take the bus to Puerto Varas, a small town near the Osorno volcano. The bus ride took around 13 hours and we passed through various, but not very interesting landscapes.
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