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Want in Spanish

to want      querer     

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Sample sentences:
She wanted to have her astral chart.

Quería tener su carta astral.
She wanted to stay here for awhile. Ella quería quedarse un rato acá.
Don Quixote wanted to be a cavalier. Don Quijote quería ser un caballero.
When I want Cuando yo quiero
you want quieres; tu quieres
I will want querré
to wish, want desear
to want to querer
I want Yo quiero
to want quieres

I thought it would have been nice to meet each other in person. Do you prefer to teach adults or children? Of course, I want to learn more English and I can help you to learn more German.
I work at an insurance company and the last 4 years i was employed there. So now, I am finishing with this job at end of the year. I got to find something new. Where in Italy are you from?
Anyway, our stay in Puerto Varas was nothing special, as the weather was terrible. We continued to Bariloche the same day. It was a 6 hour long bus ride passing the Andes mountains. The views were amazing.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of want   [ wanted, wanted ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of querer
quiero  quieres  quiere  queremos  queréis  quieren  quería  querías  quería  queríamos  queríais  querían  quise  quisiste  quiso  quisimos  quisisteis  quisieron  querré  querrás  querrá  querremos  querréis  querrán