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Translation of war in Spanish

the war      la guerra     

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Sample sentences:
The American Civil War confederate soldiers wore grey uniforms.

Los soldados confederados de la Guerra Civil estadounidense tenían uniformes grises.
Many London buildings were destructed during World War II. Muchos edificios de Londres fueron destruidos durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial.
The pageant was a recreation of a Civil War battle. El espectáculo histórico fue una recreación de una batalla de la Guerra Civil.

We entered the club which started to fill up around mid-night. The atmosphere was great and many handsome men and beautiful women were dancing on the different floors of the club. We were upstairs.
In the autumn of 2006 we flew to South East Asia in order to travel in the region for three weeks. Our first stop was Bangkok airport, where we arrived in the middle of the night, around 4a.m.
Fortunately and against all odds there were seats available so that we changed our booking to the same day. Our destination was El Calafate in the South of Patagonia in order to see the glaciers.
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