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Translation of well in Spanish

well     bien    
the well     el pozo    
the well     el bien    

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Sample sentences:
I'll have decaf coffee because I'm not sleeping well lately.

Voy a tomar café descafeinado porque no estoy durmiendo bien últimamente.
He may be an eccentric but he means well. Podrá ser excéntríco pero tiene buenas intenciones.
They dance so well that the audience always asks them for an encore. Bailan tan bien que el público siempre les pide un bis.
besides; in addition to; as well as además de
to get on well/bad llevarse bien/mal
Very well, thanks. Muy bien, gracias.
yes, well if bueno, pues si
Not very well. No muy bien.
quite well bastante bien
well-being el bienestar
well, anyway pero bueno
to fit well quedar bien

We agreed to stay in the room with no windows and unpacked our bags. We wanted to have dinner and went out to a Sushi restaurant a friend told us about. It was a great place with great atmosphere.
He picked us up and we started by visiting the floating village, an hour away from the city. We went on a boat which took us to the floating village, were Vietnamese refugees would live on boat houses.
We had never seen a similar landscape. The lagoons had different kind of colors, blue, white, green and red. They were all surrounded by rocky, dark volcanoes making the entire landscape surreal.
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