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Translation of wide in Spanish

wide     ancho    

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Sample sentences:
How wide is the gage?

¿Cuál es el ancho de la trocha?
This store has a wide variety of acoustic string instruments. Esta tienda tiene una extensa variedad de instrumentos de cuerda acústicos.
World Wide Web la telaraña Mundial(1)
wide ancho

Can you please give me your phone number or I'll give you my phone number. Wish you a nice day, we'll here from each other. Bye. And by the way, my real name is Deborah but my friends just call me Debby.
It was amazing to see how different people in different regions of the world would worship their G'ds in different ways. We really enjoyed it there and felt the mystic atmosphere around us.
We hardly remembered that our day began at 7.30am 500 kilometers further north. It was now already 6pm and we were eager to board the plane in order to reduce the distance to our destination.
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