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Translation of wilt in Spanish

to wilt     marchitarse    

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Sample sentences:
The flowers are wilting in the vase.

Las flores se están marchitando en el florero.

My husband wants to see the places his parents come from. They're from Michigan. And I'll take the opportunity to visit my brother in law in Carolina, he is 63 years old. Towards the end of the trip we will attend a conference.
If I look at dictionaries they do not give long sentences, only specific words and their meaning when they are used in a compounded form, which by the way can mean something totally different than when used by themselves.
Thank you for your kind message. I have not done anything for my Spanish because I have too much work at my job. I might write you a letter, but I'm so busy at work that I can't afford other hobbies.
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Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of marchitarse
[me marchitado]
me marchito  te marchitas  se marchita  nos marchitamos  os marchitáis  se marchitan  me marchitaba  te marchitabas  se marchitaba  nos marchitábamos  os marchitabais  se marchitaban  me marchité  te marchitaste  se marchitó  nos marchitamos  os marchitasteis  se marchitaron  me marchitaré  te marchitarás  se marchitará  nos marchitaremos  os marchitaréis  se marchitarán