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Translation of woo in Spanish

to woo     cortejar    ; galantear    

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Sample sentences:
He wooed her for five years before asking her to marry him.

Él la cortejó durante cinco años antes de pedirle que se casara con él.

No, it is a summer camp for teenagers between the age of 16 to 18. They spend 9-10 months of the year in the boarding school, first in the mountains, then near a sea in the local area. Some of them have work to do during the summer vacation.
If I look at dictionaries they do not give long sentences, only specific words and their meaning when they are used in a compounded form, which by the way can mean something totally different than when used by themselves.
My Spanish is weak, and I need to improve it here. But it is very difficult because I have many other things to do. I must take care of my family and my friends and have no time for Spanish.
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Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of cortejar
cortejo  cortejas  corteja  cortejamos  cortejáis  cortejan  cortejaba  cortejabas  cortejaba  cortejábamos  cortejabais  cortejaban  cortejé  cortejaste  cortejó  cortejamos  cortejasteis  cortejaron  cortejaré  cortejarás  cortejará  cortejaremos  cortejaréis  cortejarán 
Conjugation of galantear
galanteo  galanteas  galantea  galanteamos  galanteáis  galantean  galanteaba  galanteabas  galanteaba  galanteábamos  galanteabais  galanteaban  galanteé  galanteaste  galanteó  galanteamos  galanteasteis  galantearon  galantearé  galantearás  galanteará  galantearemos  galantearéis  galantearán