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Translation of your in Spanish

your     vuestra    ; vuestro    
your     tuyo    ; tuya    

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Sample sentences:
Your new position is a big advancement in your career.

Tu nuevo cargo es un gran avance en tu carrera.
Are you daffy? You seem out of your mind! ¿Estás loco? ¡Pareces estar mal de la cabeza!
He spoke in earnest when he told you that he wanted to buy your car. Cuando te dijo que quería comprar tu coche lo dijo con seriedad.
In your opinion En tu opinión(1)
Open your book Abrid vuestros libros
Raise your hand. levante la mano.(1)
Close your eyes Cierra tus ojos
your a lowlife asco tu vida
your favorite tu preferido
in your room en tu cuarto
your room tu dormitorio
your uncle tu tío

Your ask why i am learning English ? I made a trip two years ago, a vacation in a foreign country and I could not speak with other people. That was very bad for me. When I came back home I began to study English.
It was amazing to see how different people in different regions of the world would worship their G'ds in different ways. We really enjoyed it there and felt the mystic atmosphere around us.
We spent a few hours around Plaza de Armas, the main square of the town, eating, shopping and sightseeing. A hassling boy tried to sell us some Peruvian chocolate for one Peso.
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