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Translation of zigzag in Spanish

to zigzag     zigzaguear    

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The guy at the reception was pretty friendly and gave me keys of the hotel's suites. The first suite was again without windows. I returned and asked for the same with windows. He gave me other keys.
sorry i was not on skyoe. it was not working right. i will talk to you later. Just came back from the mountains. It was extremely cold and there was plenty of snow. But I loved it. Skiing is the best.
The next morning, we got up at 5, had breakfast and headed back to the same airport where we landed a few hours earlier. The 1 hour flight was packed with lots of tourists of all ages, mainly Americans.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of zigzag   [ zigzagged, zigzagged ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of zigzaguear
zigzagueo  zigzagueas  zigzaguea  zigzagueamos  zigzagueáis  zigzaguean  zigzagueaba  zigzagueabas  zigzagueaba  zigzagueábamos  zigzagueabais  zigzagueaban  zigzagueé  zigzagueaste  zigzagueó  zigzagueamos  zigzagueasteis  zigzaguearon  zigzaguearé  zigzaguearás  zigzagueará  zigzaguearemos  zigzaguearéis  zigzaguearán