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Translation of suavemente

suavemente     softly    

Pronunciation of suavemente    

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Sample sentences:
Ella trató de peinar a Mary más suavemente.

She tried to comb Mary in a gentler way.
El avión aterrizó suavemente en la pista de aterrizaje. The plane landed smoothly on the airstrip.

When I saw the small plane I did not feel all to good about flying back to Cancun. It had only twenty four seats and was driven by propeller, which made a lot of noise. Fortunately the weather was good.
Please write me from your home as soon as your are back. My Spanish is better than that of most Americans, but my English is worse than that of most people here. It is a strange position that I am in.
In the evening we saw a Dutch couple which we have met in El Calafate (in the Perito Moreno tour and who were with us on the airplane to the Peninsula). We looked for our hotel and it was OK.
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