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Translation of sugerir

sugerir     to suggest    

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Sample sentences:
Ella sugirió que probáramos otro curso de acción tentativo.

She suggested that we tried another tentative course of action.
sugerir (ie) to suggest

His name was Leo and he would become a good friend of mine during the next two weeks. He had a lovely girlfriend where he stayed during my visit. Basically, I slept in his place when he was away.
I am happy that you are satisfied with your results! Of course I will come again. However, next time I would like to speak to each of the professors in advance to see what their need is.
You cannot be in this city without watching a football game. We therefore bought tickets two days ahead in order to see the soccer game between Bocca Juniors and Newell's Old Boys from Rosario.
Newly added translation: sorpresa    sobretodo    significar    sensorio    saxofonista    sacramento    rombo    reverberar    residencial    remordimiento   

Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of sugerir
sugiero  sugieres  sugiere  sugerimos  sugerís  sugieren  sugería  sugerías  sugería  sugeríamos  sugeríais  sugerían  sugerí  sugeriste  sugirió  sugerimos  sugeristeis  sugirieron  sugeriré  sugerirás  sugerirá  sugeriremos  sugeriréis  sugerirán 
English Verbs    
Conjugation of suggest   [ suggested, suggested ]