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Translation of superado

superado     outdone    

Pronunciation of superado    

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Sample sentences:
Hemos sufrido algunos reveses económicos pero ya los hemos superado.

We suffered some economic setbacks but we have already overcome them.
Ella ha superado su propia obra anterior con este libro. She has outdone her own previous work with this book.

Some idiot copied it from there and inserted it into our vocabulary builder. He is allowed to do it as long as he indicates that sentences where taken from another source and are for self usage only.
Yes, but I was unable to work on this yesterday, and today will be almost impossible too. Between tomorrow and Sunday you'll have quite a few more entries in the system. I just wanted to know how it is going.
Tomorrow I have my test, so I have to practice a lot, but it should have started to study much earlier. I can only act under time pressure, I'm just like that... . I am 25 years old and I am married.
Newly added translation: suavidad    sodomizar    simetría    separarse    secuestrador    salino    rostro    rey    respetar    renta