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Translation of táctica

la táctica     the tactic    ; the tactics    
la táctica     the ploy    

Pronunciation of táctica    

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Sample sentences:
El entrenador decidió cambiar la táctica de juego en la segunda parte del juego.

The coach decided to change the tactics of playing in the second part of the game.

If someone tells me to try a delicacy I won't eat it although I have never tried it. It took me twenty year to try Sushi and yes I love it. My friends tell me that I am conservative and stubborn.
The place I have been to is famous for its many language schools. People come from all over the world to learn Spanish and practise their language skills. I guess there are more than two hundred schools there.
In order to get to this hidden lake one would have to row beneath a cave. On the other side of the cave the five of us were alone. The lake was surrounded by limestone mountains covered with tropical trees.
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