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Translation of taller

el taller      the repair shop     
el taller     the workshop    

Pronunciation of taller    

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Sample sentences:
Tenían un crisol para fundir metales en el taller.

They had a crucible to melt metals at the workshop.
Ella participa en un taller de literatura sobre las obras de Hemingway. She takes part in a literature workshop about Hemingway's works.
el taller mecánico(1) auto repair shop
el taller de mecánica repair shop
el taller workshop, studio

Exactly on that weekend there was a traditional apple event which is celebrated every year by the people of this small town. Naturally, It was very nice to see it, to see farmers outside of the city.
For example, there are many regions in the United States in which only few African-Americans live. Somehow intolerance is the biggest there, because the citizens there are not used to foreigners.
The flight was a little late so we spent our time in the airport playing car race computer game. My wife won three times in a row, she is a better driver than me anyway. We flew to Puerto Madryn.
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