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Translation of terapéutico

terapéutico     therapeutic    

Pronunciation of terapéutico    

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Sample sentences:
Tejer puede ser terapéutico.

Knitting can be therapeutic.

Some idiot copied it from there and inserted it into our vocabulary builder. He is allowed to do it as long as he indicates that sentences where taken from another source and are for self usage only.
I will be here for another 3 hours, then about 2 hours offline and then again online until late. So the exception is in Spain, cause formal is usually vos/ustedes even when we speak to 1 person. They also jump to the third person singular.
How long have you been practicing Spanish using this site and in which lesson are you now? I am now at vocabulary lesson number 3. It is still hard for me, but I'm quite new here and need to get better.
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