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Translation of tinta

la tinta     the ink    

Pronunciation of tinta    

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Sample sentences:
Mi impresora se quedó sin tinta.

My printer has run out of ink.
Los platos de arroz con salsa de tinta de sepia son negros. Rice dishes with cuttlefish ink sauce are black.

Exactly on that weekend there was a traditional apple event which is celebrated every year by the people of this small town. Naturally, It was very nice to see it, to see farmers outside of the city.
The place I have been to is famous for its many language schools. People come from all over the world to learn Spanish and practise their language skills. I guess there are more than two hundred schools there.
I will start working on it next week. You can also have a look at our site and give me some feedbacks. You know Spanish better than I do. so please be patient with our questions. I would really like to help.
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