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Translation of titular

titular     titular    ; to entitle    ; to title    
titular     to dub    
el titular     the bearer    ; the headline    

Pronunciation of titular    

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Sample sentences:
Los titulares de estas acciones van a pagar más impuestos el año próximo.

Bearers of these shares will pay more taxes next year.

His name was Leo and he would become a good friend of mine during the next two weeks. He had a lovely girlfriend where he stayed during my visit. Basically, I slept in his place when he was away.
Today, during the peace process it is very difficult for both parties to suppress their feelings since the recollection of what occured in the last decades are strongly rootes in their minds.
This province was only one mile away from China and one could see the border control. From there it was a bus ride up the hill, about an hour or so passed and we arrived at our final destination.
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Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of titular
titulo  titulas  titula  titulamos  tituláis  titulan  titulaba  titulabas  titulaba  titulábamos  titulabais  titulaban  titulé  titulaste  tituló  titulamos  titulasteis  titularon  titularé  titularás  titulará  titularemos  titularéis  titularán 
English Verbs    
Conjugation of entitle   [ entitled, entitled ]
Conjugation of title   [ titled, titled ]