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Translation of transmisión

la transmisión     the broadcast    
la transmisión     the transmission    

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Sample sentences:
Se ha demostrado que la circuncisión ayuda a prevenir las enfermedades de transmisión sexual.

It has been proven that circumcision helps prevent sexual transmission diseases.

I really worry about the health of obese people, especially the ones that I know in person (friends, relatives), because it is well known that overweight have a higher probability of heart attack.
The place I have been to is famous for its many language schools. People come from all over the world to learn Spanish and practise their language skills. I guess there are more than two hundred schools there.
Your offer seems interesting to me. The language exchange is one of my future projects, so that we will contact you later when I am ready to discuss the ways and possibilities of learning together.
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Conjugation of broadcast   [ broadcast, broadcast ]