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Translation of tres

tres      three     

Pronunciation of tres    

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Sample sentences:
Se alojaron en el albergue durante tres días antes de continuar su viaje.

They stayed at the hostel for three days before continuing on their trip.
Tengo tres hermanos, una hermana y dos hermanos varones. I have three siblings, one sister and two brothers.
Ella le está leyendo a su hija la historia del lobo y los tres cerditos. She is reading her daughter the story of the wolf and the three little pigs.
hace tres días three days ago
hace tres años 3 years ago
noventa y tres ninety-three
tres calles three streets
noventa y tres 93
treinta y tres 33

Robert wants to tell us not only about nature and its secrets but also about the ability of the human being to recognize what happens around us. We see only the nice side if we just read and do not analyze.
I just came back from Switzerland. Please give me a week to read the material you sent me. How was your time in Switzerland? Rani already asked me yesterday. Tell me when and where. I'll keep Tuesday free.
We had coffee, played cards and waited for our guide. We had booked the tour with Handspan, so that we were confident that he would show up. In the end the guide was a 'she' and not a 'he'.
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