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Translation of último

último     last    ; latest    
último     latter    
el último     the ultimate    

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Sample sentences:
Esprintó en los últimos minutos y ganó la carrera.

He sprinted the last few minutes and won the race.
Los últimos hallazgos científicos reforzaron las teorías de Peter sobre los genes y el ADN. The latest scientific findings reinforced Peter's theories on genes and DNA.
En el último concierto de McCartney hubo veinte mil espectadores. There were twenty thousand spectators at McCartney's last show.
por último lastly

I do not know what to write about Belgium, so that I will write about Greece because my mother is from Athens and i have a lot of cousins there and a lot of other relatives. That is right.
Nevertheless I think that we need to communicate. All in all, we will learn a lot from each other, mostly by writing, but speaking exercises are also really good for your Spanish skills. Is this OK?
Swimming in the open water was refreshing and fun and some of us jumped of the roof of the boat into the deep waters. After another snack break the four of us were invited for a Kayak excursion.
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Conjugation of last   [ lasted, lasted ]