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Translation of umbral

el umbral     the threshold    
el umbral     the doorstep    

Pronunciation of umbral    

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Sample sentences:
Ella lo atendió en el umbral y no lo dejó entrar.

She attended him at the threshold and didn't let him in.
Se quedó en el umbral esperando que lo hicieran pasar. He stayed in the doorstep waiting to be let in.

The machine arrived in Cuba at nine and it was already dark. The border control was nothing like the one in Mexico. They were communist and one could see the strictness and uneasiness of them.
I have been there once for vacation, but I was too little. It was twelve years ago, when I was still a child. I went there with mom and dad and all I cared about is beach and sand, no culture.
I can highly recommend to visit there. After only three hours we had to leave and drive to the international airport. We ate lunch and boarded the aircraft which took us to Bangkok within three hours.
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