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Translation of vadear

vadear     to ford    

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Sample sentences:
Ellos vadearon el río a caballo.

They forded the river on horses.

Hi Christin, how are you? I am on vacation right now, but you can call me if there are any problems. I am planning to meet my students in the end of next week. I will deliver the message anyway.
Nevertheless I think that we need to communicate. All in all, we will learn a lot from each other, mostly by writing, but speaking exercises are also really good for your Spanish skills. Is this OK?
We then went out to have a drink at a bar near the hotel. There were mostly foreigners at the bar. All in all, we had the impression that there were many Westerners living in the city which gave this mix.
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Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of vadear
vadeo  vadeas  vadea  vadeamos  vadeáis  vadean  vadeaba  vadeabas  vadeaba  vadeábamos  vadeabais  vadeaban  vadeé  vadeaste  vadeó  vadeamos  vadeasteis  vadearon  vadearé  vadearás  vadeará  vadearemos  vadearéis  vadearán 
English Verbs    
Conjugation of ford   [ forded, forded ]