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Translation of vicioso

vicioso     profligate    ; vicious    

Pronunciation of vicioso    

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Sample sentences:
Las empresas piden experiencia, pero los jóvenes no la tienen aún: es un círculo vicioso.

Companies ask for experience, but young people don't have it yet: it's a vicious circle.

The human is capable of recognition of the world with its ingredients. Frost presents us with a poem in which everything is white and bright. The picture he gives us seems to be very peaceful.
Nevertheless I think that we need to communicate. All in all, we will learn a lot from each other, mostly by writing, but speaking exercises are also really good for your Spanish skills. Is this OK?
I will start working on it next week. You can also have a look at our site and give me some feedbacks. You know Spanish better than I do. so please be patient with our questions. I would really like to help.
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