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Translation of virtud

la virtud     the virtue    

Pronunciation of virtud    

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Sample sentences:
La puntualidad es una virtud que no tiene, porque él siempre llega tarde a todas partes.

Punctuality is a virtue he doesn't have, because he's always late everywhere.
La paciencia es una virtud que uno debería practicar más. Patience is a virtue that one should practice more.
La cobardía no es una virtud, pero a veces salva vidas. Cowardice is not a virtue, but sometimes saves lives.

for a minute I blamed the burger that I had eaten at the duty free back in Cancun, but thinking a little further I recalled eating street food the night earlier, as it was Mexican independence day.
I received your previous message. Sorry, I did not make the connection earlier, as I did not remember your company's name and have not met Jack Ulmani. You have probably received my address from Allan.
He started to shout and to curse at my wife and me, but we did not give him additional money. I am convinced that he knew exactly that he did not take us to the original hotel but to a fake one.
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