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Translation of volar

volar      to fly     
volar     to blow up; to fly    ; to fly away; to project    

Pronunciation of volar    

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Sample sentences:
Desde mi ventana podía ver el vórtice y las cosas que volaban dentro de él.

From my window I could see the vortex and flying things in it.
No muchos aviones pueden volar en la estratosfera. Not many planes can fly in the stratosphere.
El águila agarró al ratón con sus garras y se fue volando. The eagle grabbed the mouse with its talons and flew away.
volar to fly

Hans was not in the office for 4 days. I informed him that it is urgent and asked him to send it by tomorrow morning. I'll do my best that you receive it as early as possible. Trust me on that.
Wars and struggles are always or mostly based on ignorance, fears and disrespect of the enemies. Unfortunately, the kind of hate which roots in previous wars never stops. Let me be clearer, please.
We had to be careful of not falling into the water. We rowed for about an hour and we got tired pretty easily. Especially the other man and woman looked devastated, at the limit of their physical capabilities.
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Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of volar
vuelo  vuelas  vuela  volamos  voláis  vuelan  volaba  volabas  volaba  volábamos  volabais  volaban  volé  volaste  voló  volamos  volasteis  volaron  volaré  volarás  volará  volaremos  volaréis  volarán 
English Verbs    
Conjugation of fly   [ flew, flown ]
Conjugation of project   [ projected, projected ]