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Translation of acordarse

acordarse     to remember    

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Sample sentences:
A veces resulta difícil acordarse de todos los detalles de una determinada situación.

Sometimes it is difficult to remember all details of a specific situation.
acordarse (de algo) to remember (something)
acordarse de to remember

If it is not possible to memorize vocabulary, I will have to create my own lessons in the coming weeks. I would be happy about this information. You need to develop a feeling for the language.
And in the end you still have not learned what you have wanted. I browse in online stores all day and come back empty-handed, or with items that I do not really need. Learn and think about it.
I really would like to invest more time here but until now I was too busy to keep my promises. Maybe I should take a vacation and go back to Scotland and take another language course there.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of remember   [ remembered, remembered ]