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Translation of alarmante

alarmante     scary    
alarmante     alarming    

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Sample sentences:
El aumento de la delincuencia en este país es alarmante.

The rise of crime in this country is scary.
La cantidad de robos es alarmante. The number of robberies is alarming.

Today the spring really showed itself. It was over eighteen degrees and people started wearing nice and with T-shirts. Snow has melted and the temperature is steady. I can't wait for the summer.
Right after desert it started to rain and it poured so that the entire camp got flooded. A few minutes later the electricity disappeared because of the water and we were sitting in the dark.
We paid for the taxi and waited thirty minutes for the driver to arrive. Again, Argentina reminded me of Italy. We drove into town and were looking for a place. The town made a great first impression.
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