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Translation of arriba

arriba      up     
arriba     above    ; over    
arriba     overhead    ; upstairs    

Pronunciation of arriba    

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Sample sentences:
Ve a mi cuarto arriba y tráeme el abrigo, por favor.

Go to my room upstairs and bring me my coat, please.
El libro que estás buscando está en el estante de arriba. The book you are looking for is on the upper bookshelf.
El aviador condujo al pequeño aeroplano para arriba y para abajo en un espectáculo de acrobacia. The flyer led the small airplane up and down in a show of acrobatics.
va cuesta arriba(1) going up hill
calle arriba up the street
allá arriba up there
arriba above; upstairs
encima, arriba above
de arriba upstairs
arriba up, above
arriba de above

He wants to say that peace and brutality are very connected. In one line he is talking about the cleanness and in the next line he is talking about the witches' broth. How good is that, isn't it?
The cannot do it because of the girl's pregnancy. This fact creates a very unpleasant tension between the two characters, their future seems to hopeless and uncertain. Will they be together?
It was a good way of starting the trip. A ferry ride across the beautiful water, a beer in one hand and the unknown adventure lying ahead. I had to look for a place to sleep and checked a few hostels.
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