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el beso      the kiss     

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Sample sentences:
El príncipe despertó a Blancanieves de su sueño con un beso.

The prince woke Snowhite from her slumber with a kiss.
un beso a kiss
el beso kus

I expect it towards the weekend. Will you by any chance be in Switzerland in the week from June 15 to June 19? Most importantly, I will ask you to send me your homework so that I can correct it.
Usually in a place with a homegenous society hatred towards foreigners can grow much more easy as a small disturbance to the homogenity may upset the entire society. People are not used to changes.
The Halong Bay Red Dragon boat's capacity was around ninety passengers and had a much larger crew. We did not have a choice at all and the couple from Washington and we decided to go for it.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of kiss   [ kissed, kissed ]