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Translation of bienhechor

el bienhechor     the benefactor    

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Sample sentences:
Era un bienhechor y proporcionaba becas para niños pobres.

He was a benefactor and provided scholarships for poor children.

My mom and dad used to speak English when they wanted to say something I shouldn't understand. In this way I have learned English. I did not tell them till late, but I did understand every word they said.
Yes, but on the other hand, using full, simple sentences also helps people who are learning the language more than just the short clauses. It is probably a mix of both, but I have not decided yet which ratio is the best for us.
I once had a lesson with a private teacher, but unfortunately she could not come regularly. She was always sick, then I have visited a school in Andalusia, which was worthless, since we talked only German.
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