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Translation of ciento

ciento     hundred    ; one hundred

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Sample sentences:
Hay varios cientos de tribus indígenas en Australia.

There are several hundreds of indigenous tribes in Australia.
Estamos rodeados por cientos de mosquitos. We are surrounded by hundreds of midges.
el por ciento percent
ciento veintidos 122
ciento uno 101

I think that these news are a reflection of what people want to hear: The networks are presenting superficial stories because the audience is exactly that and do not want to be confronted with the reality.
I just saw the Arsenal match. It was very boring and the atmosphere in the stadium was weak. I think that it was mainly due to the cold and not due to the quality of the game. But it was worth it.
I had to fly to Switzerland very urgently on Sunday, now I am back. Anyway, attached is a newsletter that will be sent to the users of Vocabulix. Should there be any changes, it would be nice.
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