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Translation of comida

la comida      the food     
la comida     the chow [coll]; the meal    

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Sample sentences:
No es de buena educación poner los codos sobre la mesa durante la comida.

It is not good manners to put one's elbows on the table during a meal.
Mucha cantidad de sal en las comidas puede aumentar el riesgo de tener presión arterial alta. Having a lot of salt in your meals may increase your risk of having high blood pressure.
La comida favorita de Liam es fideos con salsa de tomate. Liam's favorite meal is noodles with tomato sauce.
preparar la comida to prepare meals
comida rápida take-away food
comida para llevar takeout
la comida mael
Comida Food

On the contrary, Swiss like to isolate themselves from the rest, maybe because the believe that they are superior or better, or maybe because they are just afraid of the unknown, change is not happening.
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We checked in at the huge Hotelasia, close to the Sony center, a large shopping mall, where we planned another shopping spree in the coming two days. We had disgusting dinner at a boring pizza place.
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