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Translation of tarea

la tarea     the task    ; the homework    
la tarea     the assignment    ; the chore    

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Sample sentences:
Él es un empleado versátil que puede hacer diferentes tareas en la empresa.

He is a versatile employee who can perform different tasks in the company.
Esta tarea es obligatoria y no podrán pasar esta asignatura si no la hacen. This assignment is mandatory and you can't pass this course if you don't do it.
Ella no puede salir porque todavía no ha terminado su tarea y, además, tiene que ayudarme con los platos. She can't go out because she hasn't finished her homework yet; furthermore, she has to help me with the dishes.
entregar la tarea to hand in homework
La tarea, por favor. Homework, please.
la tarea; los deberes homework
la tarea the homework1
la tarea Homework

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