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comprar      to buy     

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Sample sentences:
Mi contador me dice que no tengo dinero suficiente para comprar esa casa.

My accountant says that I don't have enough money to buy that house.
Ella le compró un regalo a su sobrinito. She bought her little nephew a present.
He comprado un montón de caramelos para regalar a los niños en Halloween. I bought a lot of taffies to give away to children at Halloween.
comprar buy bought bought

They do not care and that means that they just want to be happy, independent and wealthy and do not strive to be a powerful nation like the countries that surround it. It is completely different.
On the other hand, the man is completely egotistical. All he wants is to have a sexual relationship which is not disturbed by the pregnancy. He tell her different romantic sentences to win her heart.
I chose a room in the center of town. I went to the northern beach of the island which was supposedly the most beautiful one. There were many young tourist lying in the sand but I still felt foreign.
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Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of comprar
compro  compras  compra  compramos  compráis  compran  compraba  comprabas  compraba  comprábamos  comprabais  compraban  compré  compraste  compró  compramos  comprasteis  compraron  compraré  comprarás  comprará  compraremos  compraréis  comprarán 
English Verbs    
Conjugation of buy   [ bought, bought ]