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Buy in Spanish

to buy      comprar     
to buy     adquirir    ; comprar    

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Sample sentences:
He bought an assurance before travelling.

Compró un seguro de vida antes de viajar.
Mary has bought a chenille bedspread. Mary compró una colcha de felpilla.
He bought a compact car for his daughter. Compró un auto compacto para su hija.
buy bought bought comprar

I thought it would have been nice to meet each other in person. Do you prefer to teach adults or children? Of course, I want to learn more English and I can help you to learn more German.
We were considering flying to the same region again: we thought of going to Brazil, Venezuela or Guatemala. We were asking a lot of friends on their travel experiences to these countries.
The biggest city in Germany is Berlin. The other big cities are not as big but some of them are really nice. And especially the smaller cities here are very charming and worth visiting.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of buy   [ bought, bought ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of adquirir
adquiero  adquieres  adquiere  adquirimos  adquirís  adquieren  adquiría  adquirías  adquiría  adquiríamos  adquiríais  adquirían  adquirí  adquiriste  adquirió  adquirimos  adquiristeis  adquirieron  adquiriré  adquirirás  adquirirá  adquiriremos  adquiriréis  adquirirán 
Conjugation of comprar
compro  compras  compra  compramos  compráis  compran  compraba  comprabas  compraba  comprábamos  comprabais  compraban  compré  compraste  compró  compramos  comprasteis  compraron  compraré  comprarás  comprará  compraremos  compraréis  comprarán